Tom Fowler was born and raised in Baltimore and still resides in Maryland. He is the author of the C.T. Ferguson novel and novella series, which are all set in his home city.

At about age seven, polite young Tom wrote a "murder mystery" in which no one died. The story gave him the writing bug, however, and he's been putting pen to paper and fingers to keys ever since.

Oh, and people die in the stories now.

When not working or writing, Tom enjoys spending time with his family and friends, reading, sports, movies, and writing brief bios in the third person. While he never served in the military, Tom spent nearly two decades working as a contractor or civilian in the Defense arena supporting American warfighters.

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Tom Fowler

Amazon bestselling author

Land of the Brave: A C.T. Ferguson Crime Novella

A dead veteran. A big-city PI rattling cages. Rural Maryland won't give up its secrets easily.

Hacker-turned-private investigator C.T. Ferguson gets a client he never expected: his police detective cousin Rich. In rural western Maryland, Rich's old Army friend Jim died in an apparent suicide.

Jim got help from a charity called Land of the Brave. He had a job and a purpose again, and he was happy. Jim's heartbroken widow doesn't believe he killed himself.

As C.T. and Rich investigate, they come to doubt the suicide angle but can't prove anything. When C.T. makes a shocking discovery, he and Rich attract the wrong kind of attention. Can they survive against a backwoods crime syndicate?

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