James Rosone is a veteran who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Rosone has lost several of his military brothers to suicide, so this is a very personal project to him.


After struggling with PTSD for many years himself, he found writing to be a form of effective therapy. He and his wife have authored two children's books to help families who cope with post-traumatic stress disorder, and have released seventeen other books in the military fiction, technothriller, espionage, and autobiography categories.

James Rosone

Amazon International Bestselling Author, Winner of Military Writers Association Silver Medal


Book One of the Falling Empire Series

Who has real power?

The people in the shadows…

…behind the presidents of the world.

Cloaked in secrecy and loyal to their leaders, the masters of manipulation play at an entirely different level. They pull the strings and sow the seeds of division. What is their plan?

An election approaches.

The new US president will change the direction of the country. The world watches as the contenders for the White House state their cases.

Will this point in history alter the course of mankind?

The hidden plot must be discovered. The upheaval of a divided nation could bring it down. Will our heroes put the pieces together in time? Or have too many dominoes already fallen to stop this devious trap?

You’ll love this “torn from the headlines” modern day thriller because it rings true.

Get it now.

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