DC Alden is a British thriller writer and filmmaker based in London, UK. A former soldier and police officer, DC writes fast-paced thrillers about war, terrorism, black ops, shadow governments, the military-industrial complex, and UFO's. Visit the official website to learn more and download your free previews.


DC Alden


Delta Force operator Vann Jackson is carrying something far deadlier than his guns and ammunition back to the U.S. embasssy in  Baghdad.

The Tier One soldier is infected with a gruesome virus that has stripped him of his humanity. When he launches a savage attack in the embassy chow hall, it doesn’t take long before things go to hell.

As the death toll climbs faster than a Baghdad thermometer, terrified diplomats burn up the lines to Washington DC, but Secretary of State Amy Coffman has other plans for the embassy…

And they don’t include saving her fellow Americans.







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