Cap Daniels is a former sailing charter captain, scuba and sailing instructor, pilot, Air Force combat veteran, and civil servant of the U.S. Department of Defense. Raised far from the ocean in rural East Tennessee, his early infatuation with salt water was sparked by the fascinating, and sometimes true, sea stories told by his father, a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer. Those stories of adventure on the high seas sent Cap in search of adventure of his own which eventually landed him on Florida’s Gulf Coast where he spends as much time as possible on, in, and under the waters of the Emerald Coast.

With a head full of larger-than-life characters and their thrilling exploits, Cap pours his love of adventure and passion for the ocean onto the pages of The Chase Fulton Series.

Cap Daniels

Ten-Time Best-Selling Author

We Were Brave

Action Adventure Espionage Like You've Never Read

When New York Times best-selling novelist Cap Millhouse finds himself alone, destitute, and defeated on the cold winter streets of his hometown, his former fame now buried beneath mountains of despair, his new reality dances in the wake of decisions he can never undo and memories he can never escape.
Imprisoned inside his own psyche, Millhouse believes his death is the only path capable of finally putting his demons to rest. An unlikely friendship with Anna, a young college student and aspiring novelist, reminds him of the importance of telling the story that lies inside all of us. Their friendship and stories may have the power to pull him from the depths into which he’s allowed himself to plummet.
As Anna’s past is revealed and redemption hangs in the balance, Millhouse must overcome his deepest regrets to face the truth that the most disgraceful act of his past may have been the defining moment of salvation for a family torn apart by war and personal tragedy.
The emotional journey of lives intertwined by loss, loneliness, and unseen common bonds unfolds in this unforgettable story of overcoming mental illness and the agony wrought by dark deeds, to finally reveal the beauty that so often grows from the remnants of tragedy.

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